As a Nutrition Educator I strive for balance in every day life. Healthy living for me is more than just nutrition, it’s filling oneself with everything that brings joy and balance. What I’ve learned since being a Mom is, I have to engage in as much of what brings me joy as possible. It’s that balance between work, play, and Mothering that allows for me to maintain a certain degree of sanity.

This blog’s purpose is to share. I love sharing information, especially how to make healthier food choices fun.

I’ll share plenty of information on health and wellness.

I’ll share plenty on physical fitness.

I’ll share a variety of food adventures.

I’ll share a bit on fun

It’s my greatest intention to share information that may add value to your life. I pray that you do. Until that day, enjoy!



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Foodie and Nutrition Educator: A Dichotomy

For as long as I remember, I’ve loved food. I grew up eating a plethora of delicious homemade Southern foods from my maternal side. My paternal grandmother always cooked, plus she baked delicious pies and cookies. I was always pretty thin, however in my late teens and early 20’s I did become overweight. In my mid-twenties … Continue reading Foodie and Nutrition Educator: A Dichotomy

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