Birthing Motherhood: Birthing Wonderful


The medicalization of birth within a healthy pregnancy needs to be null and void in our society. Between disempowering comments and unnecessary interventions, many in the medical profession are making powerless those who hold the key to life. Think about it…as long as there are humans in existence, babies will be born. What better way to control a society than to make powerless the women who are birthing life, and take control for profit. It stops NOW! We women should have the power to co-create and birth in our own way, on our own or with our chosen support people, with or without interventions.

What can you do? If you are pregnant and healthy, seek care from a naturopath, homebirth-oriented midwife, or other alternative medical provider who is well versed in prenatal/postpartum care, and talk to them about your desires. If you have a medical condition, consult with them as well to see what options you have towards a healthy, unmedicated, natural, live birth. If you are a support person, support the pregnant woman in doing what is best for her, from her perspective, to have a healthy pregnancy and birth. Ask her, “What do you want? What do you need? How can I support you?” Whether or not she is having her dream pregnancy/birth, these are important questions to ask.

The last thing I want to do is give advice. I come from a passionate perspective of a person who has been in the birth field. I am also a Mom who had a less than desirable birth, with a different type of support than I wanted.

“Birthing Motherhood: Birthing Wonderful” is a journey, a story of one Mama’s journey to motherhood. It’s my personal journey, one that I felt moved to share with you. It is available for purchase as a digital download. You would simply just visit my Tara’s Teas Etsy Page and click on the “Birthing Motherhood: Birthing Wonderful” digital download link. If you do not feel comfortable clicking on the link above, you can paste the following link into your browser, . Thank you!

This is not meant to replace sound medical advice. I strongly urge you to consult with a competent medical and/or complementary healthcare practitioner about your birth choices and safe options. This is just a story of healing, of birth, and re-birth. It’s my way of empowering you to prepare and make healthy choices that are best for your family. You and your baby are worth it.


Tara Christina