Childhood Favorites Can be Healthy

I grew up with some very Southern Women from Texas, 5 of them to be exact. I grew up eating a lot of really good food. As time passed and I grew into an adult, I started to become more conscious of what I ate. I cut out white sugars, white rice, and eventually gluten. This presented a challenge for me as I had to restructure  how I prepared my foods.

When I discovered I had a very strong gluten allergy, I researched. I eventually studied and obtained a certification in Holistic Nutrition and developed a way to eat many of my childhood favorites, and have them be more healthy than what I grew up eating.

One of my favorites was succotash. I LOVED watching the women in my family make succotash. It was something so special about the detail in how they sauteed the onions, the sausage, and then adding in the other ingredients.

For the last couple months I had been craving a good succotash. I finally decided to get the ingredients and make it for myself.

I put some nice extra virgin olive oil in a pas and sauteed the onions with the sausage until the sausage was slightly brown. I then added in okra, and seasoned with sea salt.



After the above mixture cooked for about 5 minutes, I poured in organic, stewed tomatoes. I usually use a jar of stewed tomatoes, but I could only find a large 10oz can that was organic and non-GMO at my local grocery store. Next I added in prawns that I shelled and deveigned myself. I stirred the mixture until the prawns were completely pink.


Voila!!! I had my succotash. I made an interesting discovery after taking a bite however. I normally add in organic corn prior to the okra, but in all my eagerness I forgot. That’s okay because I had a nice, heaping piece of homemade, organic, gluten-free cornbread. I’ll post that recipe another time.


I actually don’t use measurements when I cook so I apologize if you’re the type of person who needs measurements. When I use salt and pepper I usually sprinkle in a small amount and then taste. I add in smaller amounts until I feel it suites my flavor.

I pray you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you.

Cheers to eating childhood comfort foods and keeping it healthy at the same time.



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