Self-Care is Essential


I planned a “Self-Care Saturday” post but was too tired after participating in Women’s March Oakland. When my son and I arrived home, I laid on the couch and took a nap while he read. I took care of myself.

Today was “Self-Care Sunday” for me. Due to on and off rain in the forecast, I planned a PJ day for us. It was glorious. We ate a big breakfast, played “The Allowance Game,” and instead of having our usual Sunday meatloaf for dinner, we made a big late lunch of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green salad. The best part, we made homemade fudge with homemade whipped cream, something we hadn’t done in a couple years. It was paradise (Blog post coming soon).

After lunch I told him we would lay on the couch and watch a movie. He requested “Peanuts, the Movie” which surprised me. I turned on the movie, we snuggled, and I fell asleep. Of course every few minutes my son woke me up to remind me that we were watching a movie. I slept for 3 hours which had been happenning on the weekends quite a bit over the last few months.

Why am I laying this out for you. It’s all about self-care. My schedule is pretty busy. I work full-time, I have my own business, and I’m a parent. Though my son goes to his father’s half-time, my schedule is still full.

I noticed several months ago that I felt tired all the time. Once the rainy season started, I gave myself permission to not go out on the weekends. Instead of booking up our weekends, I allowed more PJ days. On my son’s weekend away, I started having my own PJ days, staying at home at least one day out of the weekend and doing everything I love.

I love to cook, I love to have tea, and I also enjoy a glass of red wine on occasion. So, my solo day over the weekend is spent doing just that. In the middle of the day I have been napping. Sometimes, I’ll treat myself to a long herb bath. I find when I do this, I’m more effective in my week, and I’m a more present parent.

I had a friend years ago who worked full-time, went to school, was raising 3 chidren and though she had a husband at home, he was not always able to be fully present for a variety of reasons. Needless to say, she was very busy. One day she decided she had enough of everyone making demands on her time, and she decided to carve out time for herself. She drew herself a hot bubble bath, lit candles around the tub, put on her favorite music, and very firmly instructed everyone in the house to leave her alone. She locked the bathroom door and for that hour, she created paradise. She made this a frequent routine and though everyone was waiting for her outside the door, that hour was her time for herself. I wish this for everyone, especially parents.

What is self-care for you? What can you do for yourself despite all the demands on life. Can you carve our 5-10 minutes in the morning or evening to meditate and/or read your favorite book? Can you lock the family out of the bathroom for an hour while you take a bath, or a shower? Can you steal away a few hours with friends to share a meal, tea, wine, and/or great conversation? Can you talk a walk? Something for you.

Like I said my favorite pastimes are food, wine, tea, good music, and a nice, hot herb bath. I also am an avid hiker so as much time as I can spend in nature I’ll do it.

Self-care is essential for balance, for mind/body wellness. What can you do for yourself today, that will help you renew? I encourage you to do this.

Cheers to your perfect health and wellness!



It’s Tea Time



Herb Bath Featuring Tara’s Teas “Tea Three Ways”

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