Calling in Your Tribe

Hello All!

I’m feeling moved to talk about Tribal Building. No, I do not mean throwing away all your worldly possessions, moving to the jungle, and living amongst a far-away village, unless that’s your desire. What I’m talking about is building community, finding those who most resonate with your heart, your values, your ways of living and spending time with them I’m talking about creating space in your life to nurture yourself and others, through like-minded conversation and healthful activities. By healthful I mean activities that lift up and inspire.

In your spare moments, what do you like to do most? Do you like to dance? Do you like to play? Do you like to read? Do you like to drink tea or wine? Do you like to eat fun, flavorful meals? Do you like to spend time at the park, on the beach, or on your nearest mountain? What do you like to do that lights up your heart and stimulates your mind? There are so many questions we can ask ourselves about what makes us feel alive.

What I would like to do here is encourage you, if you are ready, to seek out those who enjoy the same as you. Create a list of what “lights your fire,” pick 1-3 of your most important activities, and seek out others who may enjoy the same. Find a way, if you feel so moved, to spend time in those activities. See what happens when you spend time with those who value the same as you.

I hope what I have written serves you well, helps to light a spark in you to move forward and create the community of your dreams.

Cheers to finding/creating your Tribe!




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