Forties, Fit, and Fabulous

In October of 2010 I turned the big 40 and loved it! I was healthy and in peak physical condition. I just begun a CrossFit program and my body was exactly the way I desired. I remember one particular Saturday shortly after my birthday,  I worked out one morning, had a full day, and ended the evening by dancing with friends at a House Music Party. We danced for 5 hours straight. How did I do it when “people” would often say, “after 40 it all goes downhill anyway…?” I did what I always do in life; I checked in with myself and followed through with what I felt to be right before I listened to other people’s disappointments.

Within 4 months after turning 40 I experienced an awakening and wrote my 3rd book entitled “Forties, Fit, and Fabulous.” I was set to publish the book through a local publishing company, however it was one that required an upfront cost that I just did not have at the time. Feeling confident in my work, I continued to study, research, and observe myself, my clients, and others who were approaching and well into the 40+ club.

Six-and-a-half years have passed since then and I see that the information still applies. I’m still in my 40’s and have just as much energy. I add to that now a stronger dedication to listen to my body and actively participate in my own self-care routine.

Publishing “Forties, Fit, and Fabulous” is still on my agenda, now through self-publishing. I am proud to announce that Pre-sales begin today.

To give you a sample of what I’ll be covering, I’ve included the unedited Introduction. “Forties, Fit, and Fabulous is a combination of what I’ve learned since studying Holistic Nutrition. It’s a offering focused on overall health and wellness, while honoring who you are and where you are in life. I pray you find value in what I’ve written should you purchase the book.

Cheers to your Vision of Perfect Health and Wellness.

Forties, Fit, and Fabulous: An Introduction

I’ll never forget that day in January, 2011. It was the year after I turned 40 when I walked into my doctor’s office for my routine physical. The doctor looked at my chart and began to explain to me what to expect now that I had turned 40. She explained to me what tests I would need to take, what problems are likely to occur and since my family has a history of Diabetes, I could expect to see the signs at any moment. She was quite detailed about what would be going wrong with me during this decade.

Having a strong sense of spiritual connection, I decided to not accept her expectations, and instead to listen to my own body. The good news for me is, her comments put me on a journey to explain to other women that the doctor’s opinion is not a hard core fact. That we as individuals have more power and say in our bodies than the mainstream opinion of others, including medical professionals. It also put me on the path of more research in the area of women’s health and hormonal studies as it relates to food and healthy living. Fortunately for me I also had already begun my nutrition practice and was very connected in the holistic health field. I had plenty of healthcare professionals with whom I developed a healthy relationship that agreed with my attitude. I continued on my path.

I began to write furiously, addressing what are common issues women face, and what simple tips I applied in my own life that alleviated these issues. I also began to note what I did as I revamped certain foods to make them “healthy.” This meant adding coconut oil to certain recipes; switching up sugars in others; adding a variety of teas and self-care practices that would help to relax and nourish me.

Forties, Fit and Fabulous will address a myriad of issues women face when approaching and arriving in her forties.

So one may ask, how does a woman who was born into a family where both sides have a history of Diabetes maintain healthy blood sugar levels on a consistent basis? Especially when it runs rampant in one side of her family.

How is it that when women typically begin to have symptoms of Thyroid “dysfunction,” I have consistently managed to keep a normal, healthy Thyroid levels.

What is it that I did to not only speed up my metabolism, but keep it fast using one simple daily, morning regimen.

I will also share some simple techniques on how to naturally boost one’s sex drive using simple, everyday foods. Foods that are not only fun, but also taste good.

I will also include a cycle on how the adrenal/thyroid connection has to do with hormone regulation, metabolic syndrome (the precursor to Diabetes), and how it all related to hypertension and cholesterol. Believe it or not it’s all related. I will also address the hormone that women do not realize we need in order to lead a healthy balanced life, including sex life.

The reason this topic is so important to me is because I know what it’s like to not only come back from a gluten-induced illness, but to move from surviving to thriving with the energy and vitality that I’ve not ever seen before.

Forties, Fit, & Fabulous is like a love letter to women everywhere on what they can do to live a more healthy, vital life like never before. In it I offer information I’ve learned, applied in the lives of my clients. Most importantly, it’s information I’ve used and applied in my own living. Along with practical information and tips, I’ve included a simple 5-day meal plan and a few of my favorite recipes to help support you on your journey. I hope you enjoy.

Here’s to you journey of perfect health and wellness.



(Pictures coming soon)

If you are interested in purchasing Forties, Fit, and Fabulous, you can visit our Shopify Page at the link in this sentence. Or at The pre-sale price is $6.95 plus tax. Once published the price will be $9.99 plus tax.

The content of this book is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended as, nor should it be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. This  information is not meant for diagnosing or treating any medical or health condition. If you have or suspect you have a medical problem, promptly contact your professional healthcare provider. Thank you!

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