When Tea Meets Nutrition




After 10 years of blending my own teas and studying Holistic Nutrition, it was during an Indigenous Medicine class that I decided to launch my herbal blends in a line of organic loose leaf teas. Tara’s Teas has since then developed into a customized line of herbal, black, and green tea blends. What sets me aside from the rest is I bring my nutrition background to all my blends. I do my research and put together blends with balance, harmony, and a purpose, even if that purpose if flavor.
I recently realized that there was something missing in my business. After much reflection and encouragement, I decided to combine my two businesses.
Healthy living means a lot more than just “diet” and exercise. It’s a beautiful balance of lifestyle choices when arranged just right FOR YOU, can make a genuine difference in the quality of your life.
What I can do for you is listen to what you want, create a plan to meet your taste, budget, and lifestyle choices, then add some value so that you can meet your goals. I’m hear to empower, support, and cheer you on.
I’m launching a 21-day cleanse program that works well with your current way of eating. During the cleanse we will work together on any additions or subtractions that may be interfering with your progress.
If you’d like to hear more, please email me for your complimentary, no pressure consultation to see if we would work well together for you. My email is 1tarachristina@gmail.com. With Gratitude!

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