The Accidental Cleanse


In 2009 I discovered I had a severe allergy to gluten, not Celiac, but a strong intolerance due to a genetic blood disorder that pre-disposed me to a Vitamin B deficiency (That’s another blog).

Shortly after what I thought to be a pretty grim discovery, I catapulted into a life of discovery, especially as it pertained to health and wellness. I enrolled into Berkeley’s Bauman College to study Holistic Nutrition Education and my life absolutely changed.

During my studies I attempted a cleanse. You know one of those fasts that only allowed for water and juices. I didn’t last till 10am. I remember shaking out of hunger and I knew it wasn’t for me. I had already shifted my way of eating and was on the path to wholeness, which for me meant “Gut integrity,” (Healing the intestinal damage from years of eating gluten-filled foods).

During my research, I studied different types of cleanse practices. I didn’t, and still don’t, believe in “diets.” I wanted something I could do along with my current eating style. So I combined two very simple routines, plus added in a tea I created shortly after I birthed my son.  What happened next was amazing to me.

Shortly after my 40th birthday, a relative took some bikini pictures of me on San Francisco’s Baker Beach. I was working out regularly with a CrossFit team. My body was in peak condition, and I felt fantastic. For the first time in my life I loved my body. That was hard for me to say as I’ve always thought it was vain to love one’s body.

I began incorporating the cleanse with all of my clients and all of them reached their desired goals. Clients reported weight loss, reversed Metabolic Syndrome (The precursor to Diabetes), lower LDL “bad” cholesterol to name a few. For me it meant I restored my own gut integrity.


Then the true test came. I had been gluten-free for about 5 years. I was grocery shopping with my son in a local grocery store that offered samples. I am a cheese fanatic, so when I saw cheese on a cracker, with a little bit of apricot jam, I grabbed a piece. I developed a routine for when I experienced gluten cross contamination, therefore I wasn’t worried. I took a bite and my son looked at me concerned and said, “Mom, are you sure you should do that.” I informed him that “Mommy will be fine.” I atethe sample and nothing happened.

I waited, and waited, and waited, nothing! My typical past response included swelling in my esophagus, then severe gut pain. I didn’t experience any of this. I felt fine.

I keep myself fully “detoxed,” meaning I drink my tea most evenings, and take a break regularly so that my body does not build up an intolerance. Every once in a while, I add in the cleanse. Though I have a fairly “clean” way of eating, I do occasionally indulge in my favorites, ie pizza, buffalo wings, and an occasional sweet treat (Mostly gluten-free). I add in the cleanse at least every year, sometimes more, and since it works well with my style of eating, my results are always positive.

Now that I’m accepting clients again, I decided to make the cleanse available to those who are interested in the cleanse, but may not want long-term regular sessions.


The cleanse is a 21 day gentle journey meant to cleanse excess toxins, and jumpstart those who participate in their individual goals. I have an empowerment-based approach that includes each person to work on an achievable plan that we co-create together.  The cleanse works well with pretty much any current eating style, and depending on one’s overall goals, we may decide to add or delete a few foods and/or behaviors.

Past clients report that the results helped with weight loss, reversing Metabolic Syndrome (The precursor to Diabetes), lowering LDL “bad” cholesterol, and helping to restore gut integrity.*

It includes

Individual Intake (In person or over the phone)

3-Day Food Journal

21 Day Cleanse

Weekly group calls for support/questions

Then we ease you into

2-week meal plan to fit your budget, taste, and lifestyle.

Individual Post Plan Support (In person or over the phone)

That’s it. If you are intersted and would like to set up a complimentary consultation, please email me at Thank you!

All the Best,


*All results vary depending on your overall goals and current lifestyle.

1 Tea is included for the cleanse


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