My Conversation with a Life-Long Vegan

One of my favorite things to do is visit local Farmer’s Markets. I enjoy getting to know my local farmers and how I can support them. Best of all, I love looking over fruits and vegetables, smelling, touching, and sometimes tasting.

A little over 2 years ago, I was looking over prices of a local butcher and a woman struck up a conversation with me. I do not remember her name so I will refer to her as “She” and “Her.” We began talking about meat and she told me that she was born into a Vegan family, raised Vegan, and chose as an adult to continue on being a Vegan. Being an animal advocate who only knew a Vegan lifestyle, that was her only option as far as she was concerned.

She said that one day her  body just wasn’t feeling well. She was physically “healthy,” but she felt out of balance. She said she just didn’t feel well. She described several different symptoms and then the unthinkable happened.

She was walking with her partner through a farmer’s market a few years prior, she passed a grass-fed meat vendor from a local farm. She said her body started to shake. She realized in that moment that her body needed meat. She walked up to the butcher, bought lamb, and ate it right there on the spot, raw.

That grossed me out as I’m a firm believer in cooking meat and I actually do not eat lamb.  But I listened as I felt fascinated.

According to this random woman at Farmer’s Market, her body felt immediately satiated. In the weeks following her first encounter with meat, ever, she continued to purchase and eat meat. Every single symptom disappeared. As of our last conversation, she had been eating meat regularly.

I asked her how she felt, especially as an animal advocate who had only known a Vegan lifestyle. She said her body and well-being were more important to her. She planned on living a long, full life and if it took eating meat, she was willing to do just that. At first she admitted is was difficult emotionally, but that subsided as she was living an optimal life eating meat along with regular servings of fruits and veggies. As of that conversation over 2 years ago, she had no plans on returning to Veganism.

Why am I mentioning this? After the recent release of the scare-tactic based film “What the Health,” people are converting to veganism in droves. With no real thought to their individual body composition. I know Vegans, and am also a BIG fan of plant-based diets. There are people who thrive in this way of eating. There are people who don’t.

There are Vegans who still suffer from obesity, Diabetes, etc. Why? Cause they’re not eating properly. Many are eating processed foods at a higher rate than before. Many are juicing, giving no thought to how juicing can dramatically spike blood sugar when not combined with the right amount of fiber.

I’m not saying don’t become Vegan. I’m not saying jump on the Vegan bandwagon.   I would offer that you avoid making a quick decision based on a film full of inaccurate information. I’m saying find about about your body’s dietary needs, talk to a QUALIFIED health/nutrition professional who actually has training beyond movies and University of Google. Get proper guidance and then make your decision.

You and your body deserve it!



Some resources, just a few as there are many.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Bauman College Community Resources

National Association of Nutrition Professionals

Underground Wellness

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