Who am I and What Qualifies Me

Hi Everyone!!!Praying you are well and thriving!

I know I have an “About Me” section, but I wanted to go more into depth about who I am as a professional and what qualifies me to talk nutrition and healthy living.

Once upon a time, I was a social worker. I worked for a local county and though I believed in the work, I did not see how that system was helping people on a deeper level. From what I saw, the system was more punitive than empowering and too many families, children and adults, were lost. I could take no more and left.

I studied massage therapy and eventually launched into studying to be a homebirth midwife. Though I realized that was not the path for me, it opened my world to areas for which I have deep passions.

We learned how to make herbal blends during the midwifery course and something sparked within me. I also continued to learning more about prenatal and postpartum care, including becoming a Certified Lactation Counselor.

In the years that followed, I struggled with depression and digestive issues. In 2007, I birthed an amazing son and though Motherhood was a dream come true for me, I still experienced the emotional fog, which many know as depression. I eventually worked with an amazing Naturopathic Doctor, and took a Functional Diagnostic Test. The discovery was amazing.

I already knew I had a genetic blood disorder, that’s another conversation that I am blogging about. What I learned was it predisposed me to a Vitamin B deficiency, and I was allergic to wheat. I decided to give up gluten entirely and my world continued to blossom.

Within two weeks of eliminating gluten from my life, all of my digestive issues disappeared and the fog lifted, I did not experience depression again for another 4 years, guess what, when I began eating gluten again.

Due to my fascination with my own personal gluten research, I began formal studies at Bauman College in Berkeley, CA. I had been a research oriented person since college, and enjoyed this course of study. Though my focus was on prenatal and postpartum care, I delved into deep studies around blood sugar regulation, another passion of mine, and hormonal balancing. I completed all the course work, I just had my favorites. I also learned more about herbal blends for teas, as I had been making my own teas since midwifery studies.

I launched my Nutrition Business in January of 2010, and that has remained my passion. I love the field of nutrition. I often treat myself to a day at Stanford Cancer Center as there is no cost to use their research article database. While working with people and continuing my own education, I prefer using a variety of legitimate research articles, especially by independent researchers. If I don’t know something, I research. If I hear some new buzz in the news around health and wellness, I research. Though I do Google on occasion, I value more of what comes from actual researchers and people in the variety of complimentary care fields, i.e Naturopathic Care, Chiropractic, Nutrition, etc. My studies continued.

In 2013 I began studying Indigenous Medicine. I’ve had my eye on studying herbal medicine since I learned about herbal blends in my 2004 midwifery studies. It was during that course that I decided to launch my own line of organic loose leaf teas,  Tara’s Teas as a compliment to my nutrition business.

Here I am today. I spent 3 years focusing on nutrition, then continued to formally study herbs and spices for my own tea line, and now I am merging all my loves together in one tidy business.

What that means is I am a Holistic Nutrition Educator. My specialties are Blood Sugar Regulation, Emotional Eating, Hormonal Balancing, Cholesterol balancing (pre-medication phase), and of course Pre-natal and Postpartum Care (Birth/Postpartum Care Planning as well).

I carry high quality supplements in my practice, only what I’ve researched thoroughly and have used myself. My favorite for myself and my son is Juice Plus. I carry other brands as well. I offer store brand recommendations and can also offer a supplement evaluation for what you are currently using.

I have a wholistic approach in that I look at the whole person, their life, their goals, their desires, and their current budget. I work on an empowerment model that allows for the client to make their own decisions and choices, without conforming to a diet. I believe in cheat days, as I want for you to have lasting success. If that means you eat a cookie once a week, so be it (As long as it doesn’t kill you). Guess what, when I go to street fairs, I order garlic fries. It doesn’t happen often, but I eat clean enough on a regular basis that I can do that on occasion without the guilt.

What’s important for you to know is, I do my research. I believe in you, not diets. I believe we all have a unique genetic blueprint and a cookie cutter approach will not work for all. I follow a gluten-free eating plan myself, due to the allergy I discovered shortly after my son’s birth. Since I have completely detoxed my system, and cleared my gut (see The Accidental Cleanse for more details), I occasionally eat gluten with no consequence. The pain is gone and I haven’t experienced depression for 5 years.

I’m not paleo, far from vegan, and though I believe in the power of a largely plant-based eating plan, I am not vegetarian. I do eat meat, organic, free-range and grass fed. Do I have control over that all the time? No because I do eat out on occasion. I am very conscious about my choices, and it’s easy.

It didn’t happen overnight and it did take discipline. What’s important is I took my time and did what was right for my body. That’s what I like to guide client’s through. Now, my choices are easy.

This is it. This is my story of how I developed me and my practice. I practice what I preach, and I believe in what I do. My goal is to be a point of knowledge and support for those who may feel confused and/or manipulated by all the information out there.

Whether you read my blogs or books, or you contact me about working individually or in a group, I’m here. I also have a nice list of complimentary care providers who I trust implicitly. I also have other nutrition professionals I can refer you to if we are not a good fit. It’s all about what’s in your best interest.

If you would like to know more about how I can support you, please do email me at 1tarachristina@gmail.com. I offer a complimentary, no-pressure 30 minute consultation.

Cheers to your success!


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Mother and Son April 2016

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Miramontes

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