Got Sweet Tooth?

Well, no worries, it happens to many of us. It’s how you handle it that could make or break your health. Good news, there are alternatives, low glycemic alternatives.

For a quick fix, my favorite is to eat a few dates. This low glycemic sweet treat is full of fiber and has more calcium that a glass of milk, depending on how many you eat. Some cultures have women eat dates during their pregnancy for their calcium intake.

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Another favorite that I actually use in all my baked goods is coconut sugar. Coconut sugar is also low glycemic and contains trace nutrients, however you would have to get a lot of it to get the nutrients. That’s not a good idea of course.


Photo courtesy of Deejay Farm

Another favorite is maple syrup. Be careful when purchasing maple syrup however. I grew up with pancake syrup and when I started shopping for my own and read labels, I was shocked to see that pancake syrup was high fructose corn syrup with maple “flavor,” not maple syrup. Pancake syrup is very high in sugar and just overall not good for people at all. Maple syrup may cost more, however it’s worth it for the health benefits. It’s low glycemic and also contains some vitamins and minerals.


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Xylitol, is one that I don’t see as much any more. About 5 years ago I researched Xylitol thoroughly. I actually followed a dentist that recommended Xylitol to her patients.It reportedly is good for the teeth. It reportedly keeps bacteria from sticking to the teeth and keeps a natural ph level in the mouth. It breaks down differently than sugar and is also low glycemic. I personally did not like baking with it, I still prefer coconut sugar. However, it was interesting research.  I cannot remember the dentist’s name at this moment, however I plan to look through my old emails to find her name. I followed her work for years and will post the information as soon as I locate the emails.


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No for my absolute favorite, Raw Honey. Raw Honey is amazing. It’s anti-bacterial, contains nutrients, helps sore throat and chest congestion just to name a few.  I do not cook with honey, but I do put it in my tea, and will drizzle it on biscuits occasionally.


I am not saying to eat any sugar, I am just saying here are a few options. These are a few that I know,  have researched and used myself over the last 12 years. Still be cautious, especially if you have blood sugar issues.

Warning! Please stay away from colored packets, you know those yellow, blue and pink packets. Studies show that they are chemically based and contain cancer causing agents. I’m happy to pass on some of those studies to you by request.

Lastly, for those of you who have watched and are following the movie “What the Health,” I have to offer you this bit of information about white sugar. White sugar is a dangerous neurotoxin that is best avoided at all cost. It does spike sugar and is extremely addictive. It is a harmful substance and the fact that the movie downplayed it’s role in Diabetes is beyond concerning. If you are interested in learning more from a very reliable source, a true expert, please watch this video by Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology.

Sugar, the Bitter Truth

If you don’t have time to watch, google any of Dr. Lustig’s work. Arm yourself with the knowledge that will support you in living your most optimal life. You’re absolutely worth the effort. If you have any questions or would like to set up a complimentary 30-minute no pressure wellness consultation, please email me at

I pray this serves you well.
All the Best,

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