The Alternative to Eggs Breakfast: An Experiment

I learned over the weekend that I’ve developed an allergy to eggs. It’s likely temporary. I learned while studying Holistic Nutrition that one can develop an allergy to foods if we eat them too much for too long. Though I did not eat eggs daily, I did eat them for breakfast most of the week. Organic eggs from free range hens are an amazing source of Choline, among other nutrients. The problem is I’ve been eating eggs for breakfast for years, not taking a break.

So, not only was I shocked, I had them test me twice, I felt sad, a bit deflated. How am I going to enjoy all those many recipes in which I use eggs? Scrambles, frittatas, pancakes/french toast, and good old over easy eggs with sea salt, pepper, and turmeric over noodles/rice. Oh my! I found myself in a quandary and decided to turn to Facebook for answers. “Looking for creative breakfast ideas that do NOT involve eggs, shakes or soy. Any ideas? What’s your favorite?” and felt extremely pleased over all the responses. People posted about polenta (Which I think was my favorite from a local chef I know), yogurt, fruit, nuts, toast with avocado (I think I’ll try it), sausage, squash, an amazing Oaxacan breakfast which the picture made me salivate) and more. I loved all the suggestions.

Throughout the day I checked response after response and even came up with my own ideas. Now what I thought was a life sentence to oatmeal (Which is okay sometimes) now has turned into an “Adventure in Breakfast” (Tomorrow’s post 🙂 )

The fact is I realized though I became accustomed to eating eggs, I actually became bored. Yeah, it’s easy to pop in a few eggs to boil when I’m in a hurry, but everything egg became pretty bland to me, no matter the combination or spice. Second fact, I love a culinary challenge. I get to try something new almost daily now. I also know as a person who educates people on meals for the busy person, I can always create a parfait or soaked oatmeal breakfast the night before a particularly busy day. Now I’m excited.

Since I went grocery shopping prior to the post, I already knew what this morning’s breakfast would be. I baked a few sweet potatoes last night and this morning while waking my son, I had a chicken sausage boiling. As we went about our morning routine I heated the sweet potato (in the oven), sat down with my sausage, sweet potato with coconut oil and cinnamon, and my morning cup of tea. I quickly became a happy camper.


What I noticed throughout the morning was, I felt very satiated. I also felt more upbeat. My body liked the different breakfast. I did become hungry after a couple hours, but that’s not a problem as I know how to have healthy snacks throughout the day.

Now, one thing to note. I eat a 75% plant-based meal plan that I created for my body type. Though I love organic, free range meats, I do not eat meat daily. Sausage was great for today, but I plan on looking into the variety that will allow for me to have my mornings without meat. With the list my FB Friends left for me, this will be easy.

I’ve already prepared for tomorrow, which has me feeling pretty excited. Take a look at these beauties:


No farmer’s market today, so I went to one of my favorite local stores, shout out to Farmer Joes, and bought a couple of squash, persimmon, and organic walnuts (which I’ll soak). I’ll chop squash tonight and tomorrow I’ll saute the squash and nuts in coconut oil, add a little sea salt, then top it off with the persimmon. I may put a dash or two of cayenne. I cannot wait!

This adventure in an egg-less breakfast is going to be interesting and fun thanks to my foodie love mentality. I’m also a creature of habit when it comes to my morning routine, so this is going to add a little challenge to my morning brain.

I’ll continue to report back.

Thank you for joining me in this adventure. I pray to inspire you in some sort of way.



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