Total Gut Healing

Several years ago, approximately 10, I suffered from extreme gut pain, and embarrassing belching. I also experienced bouts of depression. I still managed, but just felt that dullness, flat emotionally life that caused me to exist rather than live.

Shortly after my son turned 18 months old, a well respected naturopathic doctor read my functional diagnostic results, and explained to me I needed to give up wheat. I went on a long journey that lead me to holistic nutrition, plus gluten-free living.

My gluten sensitivity was so severe, I couldn’t even been in a room with it without a reaction. I went to a salsa dancing event and was sitting in the eating area when someone brought in a stack of pizzas. I thought nothing of it, except extreme jealousy as I wanted to eat what smelled so delicious. Shortly thereafter, I started belching. I didn’t know what was wrong. My gut started to hurt. I finally went in the other room and started dancing, and the symptoms went away. I stayed symptom free the rest of the night.

I put myself on an immediate gluten-free eating plan, drank plenty of home made bone broth, and herbal teas. I also added in a cleanse I created. As a busy mom of a toddler, I had to keep life as simple as possible.

It worked. Several years later and I noticed I stopped reacting. I thought nothing much of it as I stayed completely away from gluten, up until 3 years ago I lived in completely gluten free environments.

In the last year, I have eaten gluten on occasion, and was shocked at no reaction. At first it started with a cracker at Trader Joes. Then last year during my lunch break I allowed myself a slice of Arizmendi Pizza, and again, no reaction. I remained gluten free, however every now and then I slipped in a slice of pizza.

A couple weeks ago I was selling my custom teas at an event and I left my lunch at home. I felt pretty hungry and the only thing in site was a doughnut the church provided. I normally do not eat that level of processed sweets, I stay away from processed foods overall anyway. My stomach was growling so I ate the doughnut. Big regret! My stomach started cramping and the embarrassing belching returned.

What does that little social experiment mean? A business associate once told me it was the type of gluten. She can eat certain pastas, but others she cannot. Perhaps that’s true. No matter to me, based on my studies at Bauman College and beyond, gluten is a neurotoxin that is no good for people period, especially the way food is over processed and GMO nowadays. However, it’s still dominant in our culture, and quite frankly some of it is really tasty.

At this current time I live a gluten-free life. I do on occasion eat a slice of pizza, it’s my weakness and it’s a fun treat with my son. It’s not my primary way of eating however. Since the doughnut, I’ve had no reaction.

What prominent in my mind however is that I am healed. I feel whole. I’ve celebrated my 5th year anniversary living free from depression. Let me tell you I’ve had some tough times. My gut is intact, meaning other than the day I ate the doughnut, I haven’t had any gut pain in years ( I actually do not remember the last time prior to the doughnut). I feel free.

I think it’s important to share that this is real. Gut healing is possible. I cannot say that what I’ve created will heal everyone. I have much compassion for those who have Celiac, IBS, and other auto immune disorders. There is no real guarantee.

What I can say is that what I did for me worked. My body feels good. It feels good to live without gut pain and the embarrassing belching. It also feels good to experience life’s ups and downs without crashing into a depression.

What also feels good is that I put all my clients on the same protocol and it worked for them. Many reversed multiple issues and lost weight. That feels good as well.

There is life after gut pain. I pray this blog serves as encouragement over the possibilities. I can guide you through the process, and/or refer you to another complimentary care provider. What’s important is your healing.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a complimentary no-pressure consultation, please email me at

All the Best,



My favorite tea picture,¬†Tara’s Teas “Mint Infused Oolong”

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