A Week of Self-Care

This week I had a well-deserved week of self-care. I would not necessarily have chosen to take it this way, but enjoyed it nonetheless. Let me back it up briefly.

My son had a terrible cough just prior to Christmas. No fever, no other symptoms. A business associate gifted us with 2 tickets to see the Nutcracker on Christmas Eve Day, so I bought some cough syrup and off we went.

My son seemed to enjoy parts, he laughed. I asked what he enjoyed most and he said “everything but the dancing,” lol. Just around the intermission he complained of having a stomach ache. I thought he was trying to get out of the rest of the performance. Throughout the performance he complained, but when I asked to describe, offering several descriptive options, he complained of having this stomach ache. I genuinely thought he just wanted to leave.

After the performance we went to the grocery store, and upon our return home he fell asleep. Okay, something was up. I felt his head, he wasn’t warm at all. After 2 hours of cooking I hear my son say “Mom, I just threw up.” I ran upstairs and he did just that.

Of course I felt terrible as I cleaned up the vomit. My son however, sang in the shower. He felt better. We sat in bed and watched Harry Potter while eating our Christmas Eve Dinner. He was his usual chipper self. I asked myself, “was it something we ate? What could it have been.” I internally guilt tripped myself and went on to enjoy Christmas morning with my boy.

Christmas afternoon, he went off to his dad’s, where he would spend the next 6 days. My son felt completely better, except the cough, but he was in good spirits. Still feeling the guilt, I plotted and planned what would I do with all this time to myself.

What would I do? Oh, the hiking, time with friends, wine tasting, maybe even a date or two is what ran across my mind. After enjoying the rest of my Christmas in nature, I decided to relax until my next day when the adventures would begin.

Well, I woke up feeling not quite right. The next 2 days I spent between the bed and the bathroom, I’ll spare you the details. No fun. I knew I needed to keep up my nourishment, my body was actually rejecting tea. That doesn’t happen to me, ever. So I hobbled downstairs, threw some veggies in water, added sea salt and a few other spices and let it simmer for a few hours.

I stayed in bed, drank broth and water, slept and watched my favorite Star Wars movie, “Rogue One” on my laptop. I spent way more time on social media than I planned. I reminded myself that this could be a good learning experience so I downloaded some online books and proceeded to listen. Oh boy, why did I choose the book from a single, never married woman giving advice on marriage. I didn’t last an hour with that one. More rest.

Day 3 came and I was ready to venture out. I kept it brief. Though I wanted to go out and have a lot of fun, the bed was calling my name. The warmth, the blankets, the quiet. I came back, made slow cooked chili and spent my evening eating chili and playing on social media. I also got in some writing and business marketing.

What I noticed was I felt happy, well rested. The stress of the last few months is slowly leaving my face. I see less wrinkles, less tension. I feel lighthearted. I was able to volunteer at a local animal shelter last night and that added to the happiness that has crept back into my life.

Today, I feel completely rested, and reluctant to leave the comfort of this beautiful home we’re house sitting. I have tea orders to fill, and more grocery shopping. My boy returns to me tomorrow and I’ve got to prepare. There’s cleaning and laundry, and oh my… life calling.

What these 5 days of self-care have taught me is that it’s so much more necessary to rest than I ever imagined. I do talk about self-care often. It’s just crucial. I literally feel completely rested. I’ve been engaging in writing more. It’s been a reset. Now I would have preferred a week or two vacation in Bali or Belize, with warm sandy beaches, good food, and adult beverages along side my dream man (Hey, why not go all the way with the fantasy, lol). I would have rather not been sick, however I know myself. Without this little stomach bug I would’ve stayed busy. I would have gotten in a couple hours of rest, but most of it would have been busy.

Now I’m off to the busi-ness of life, preparing for my son’s return and New Year’s business. I feel grateful that I’m starting off with this reset that will enable me to focus more and enjoy life with a well rested perspective.

I pray this serves you well. I’d like to encourage you to take some time to care for yourself. The how, that’s completely up to you.




My renewal meal, Homemade Organic Turkey Chili, with Spiced-Rosemary Hot Water Cornbread, and my own Tara’s Teas “Just Relax.”

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