For the Love of Cooking and Life: Contemplation

Contemplation: I LOVE to cook! LOVE IT! I contemplated being a personal chef, but honestly I don’t want to cook “for a living.”
I’ve cooked more in the last 2 weeks than I have since we had our own home. It’s the peace, the peace to be my full self. Just being in a peaceful setting, cooking, drinking tea, while listening to my son run around playing is close to Heaven. Watching him be free to play, then make up a song, play instruments, then come stand by my side to tell me a story. It’s these moments that I feel most full. 

I love tea, I love to cook, absolutely LOVE red wine and I love to entertain positive, fun, uplifting people who can BS like the best of ’em with full belly laughter. There are those times where I love to have a cup of tea with a friend or two, sharing laughter, tears, or just tea and snacks.

I LOVE these moments. Only thing missing are our kitty babies, furry snuggles and watching their mischief. I cannot wait till we have our own home again. Right now, I savor the fullness of what’s in front of me, knowing the best is yet to come.



Organic Egg, Potato, and Mixed Green Salad Breakfast with Tea, Organic Chili for Dinner


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