Motherhood: When Mommy’s Sick

This weekend I’ve not been feeling well. I’ll admit, I could’ve stayed home in bed at the first sign of the sore throat Saturday,  but no, I kept going. Fortunately no fever , but the sneezing and runny nose kept me feeling irritated. Sunday I took my Son to Oakland’s amazing Oaktoberfest and we had fun. Despite the sluggishness we went to do laundry at the laundromat as our washer is broken. Dried clothes, ran errands, came home and cooked dinner. I thought I’d get his lunch for the next day together. Started folding clothes and told my son to take his shower. I literally looked at the remaining half of the clean clothes on my bed and then climbed under the sheets and declared, “I’m going to sleep.” Grateful my Son is 11 and can get himself ready for bed.


Woke up the next morning and decided to not work. Took my son to school, realized I put his very perishable sandwich in his lunch bag the night before, instead of the fridge, and told him, “If it smells bad eat the school lunch.” He despises the school lunch. I came home and saw my hair was a wild mess, and said out loud, “Thank God for the car.”

Ah, a glorious day of lying in bed, sneezing into toilet paper (I almost have finished a whole roll), and beginning my new business marketing strategy for my tea company.

On the way to pick up my Son from school I went to the grocery store to pick up Kleenex so that we don’t run out of toilet paper, and came out with 6 items and no Kleenex.

I picked him up from school and asked him how was his day, and of course his lunch. Not surprised, the lunch was bad. “The good news,” he tells me is they had pepperoni and sausage pizza” for lunch. “The bad news is,” they ran out just as he got to the counter so he had to eat beans and rice. Oops!

He asked, “what’s for dinner ,” and since I still felt like crap I announced, “Chicken hot dogs,” and he was SO happy, that even the fact that he still had to eat raw organic lettuce with it didn’t bother him.

I showed him the new organic, non-GMO cheese puffs I bought for tomorrow’s snack and He declared, “I don’t like those.” My thought, “Oh Well!” He likes the GMO-laden name brand that I refuse to buy. So I opened the bag to taste and have eaten 3/4 of the bag, even though I cannot taste a thing.

Now I’m laying on top of the pile of clean clothes as my son sits in the living room eating cereal while reading his newest stack of library books. Grateful I have that child 😁


So as I continue to sneeze and use up all the toilet paper I ponder as my son waits for me to finish so he can watch a movie on my phone. Oh yeah, we have a no TV/no digital games on school nights rule that I have officially broken.

Now, my 11-year-old keeps asking me for hugs as he tries to convince me to let him stay at home from achool tomorrow since it’s supposed to rain. Now I’m thinking of auditioning for a new role in Bad Moms as I lay in bed typing on an AMAZING smart phone that allows one to do business anywhere at any time. Then I ponder, who takes care of Mommy when she’s sick??? Let me conjureup my Dream Man to come clean the house and spoon feed me homemade soup 😉

Thank you for joining in my sick journey with me.

Happy Monday!

Blessings !

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