Cannabis as Medicine – Hot Topic

Hello All!

I feel like I’m going out of a limb here, depending on your belief system. I feel like as a Nutrition professional and Medicine Woman, I’d be negligent to not address Cannabis, a pretty hot topic right about now. In this blog I use the terms Cannabis and Marijuana interchangeably.

People have often heard me say, and even seen me post on social media that “I am not 420 friendly.” I’ve actually gone as far as putting it on past online dating profiles, making it very clear that I would not date anyone who ingested/smoked any marijuana products. I feel I absolutely have to say however, as a holistic health care professional, I absolutely believe in it’s numerous medicinal properties. Sound conflictual, well read on.

I grew up about a very traumatizing drug culture. A lot of people laced their “blunts.” “weed,” “pot,” etc, with other drugs. I can still hear the sounds of a certain sound crack cocaine made when smoked, as I saw and smelled it many times as a teen. Though I didn’t use, I literally watched the effects tear apart families, even entire communities. Though it was not the Marijuana, I have had a strong association of the two for years.

Many of the men I dated smoked, even consumed edibles. I have no problem admitting during a few times prior to my 40’s, I tried experimenting with Marijuana products only. I still had enough memories of the SF 80’s/90’s drug culture where I knew it’s something I would not use ever again, and stopped dating men who partook. I also made it very clear on social media I wanted nothing to do with Marijuana or the Cannabis Industry.

Then I met an amazing young man, another Holistic Nutrition Professional who built his business around creating healthier edibles’ option.  The first time I heard Esteban Orozco from Comida Pura Coaching speak, I knew I would 100% support his business by referring clients to him. I also completely opened myself up to being educated more. I had the chance to listen to Esteban provide education around Cannabis, it’s medicinal properties, and it’s effects on people who are committed to living a more pain free, healthy lifestyle.


Photo credit: Green Spyder Farm

Over the weekend I attended the SF International Tea Festival. On Sunday I had the opportunity to hear Chelsey McKrill of Kikoko  speak on the history of Cannabis and why infusing it in tea is an excellent way to use Cannabis medicinally through a flavorful, fun, and healthy warm beverage.


Chelsey went through the history of Cannabis, when and why the US began criminalizing it. She also talked about  how our bodies have Endocannabinoids and differentiated between the different types of natural chemical compounds in Cannabis.

I’ve seen the effects on people with chronic pain who use cannabis medicinally. I’ve read the testimonies of people with a variety of illnesses report on how cannabis has helped them live a pain free life, even those who speak of how they’ve been healed because of Cannabis.

As I deepen my Holistic Health Practice, I’m incorporating more Herbal Medicine education in my writing and with clients. Indigenous Medicine is the root of my tea line, Tara’s Teas, and it’s an important part of who I am as a person. Though I have no intentions of infusing cannabis in my teas. I do plan on working with the herb from an educational standpoint.

Though this is not a clinical article citing numerous scientific explanations, I’m also not here to say, hey everyone go have a smoke and be healthy.  I do not use and do not plan on using myself. I’ve just been educating myself more and I want to be able to inform others on a wide variety of issues around health and wellness. Cannabis is medicine and deserves to be treated as such. I feel very comfortable recommending Esteban and his products to my clients. I also feel very comfortable recommending Kikoko to those who come to me requesting Cannabis Infused Teas.

Now here comes the disclaimer 🙂

Tara Christina and Tara’s Teas is not recommending that you use Marijuana or Cannabis products. If you do choose to use Cannabis products, please use responsibly and under the guidance of a qualified health professional. Tara Christina, Tara’s Teas, and it’s representatives do not take responsibility for any reactions you have from using Marijuana and/or Cannabis products.

Thank you for reading.



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