Comfort Food: Healthy Emotional Eating

I gave myself permission to “fall apart” today. As an Entrepreneur, I put several self-imposed deadlines on myself this week. I’ve dealt with other people’s chaos, which I had to pull myself away from. Plus some other stressors showed up. I’m launching something pretty major tomorrow and literally went to bed about 5pm Wednesday and slept.

Fortunately I put my favorite stew in the crock pot about noon. So when I woke up at 9pm, I turned off the stew and went back to bed. After a full nights sleep I got back to work, while dealing with more chaos. 

I usually have tools to deal with stressors, but today I gave myself permission to fall out and throw an adult tantrum, which for me is crying while laying on the couch. I talked to some friends, wiped my tears, did some adulting, and then decided to eat some comfort food.

I didn’t have enough ingredients to make a full cornbread, but I had enough to make hot water cornbread.

During times of stress I find that childhood foods bring me comfort. I developed the knowledge to make them more healthy so I do not gain a ton of weight and shift my labs to the unhealthy numbers.

Now I’m eating my fresh-from-scratch organic beef stew, with plenty of veggies, along side my hot water cornbread and about to sip on some Tara’s Teas Holiday Special Tea to warm my Soul. 


My question to you is, how do you comfort yourself during times of stress?


Oh yes! I’ll be posting the Beef Stew and Hot Water Cornbread recipes this weekend. Until then, enjoy!!!

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