Country Girl at Heart

Confession, I’m a Country Girl at heart. At first I didn’t know where it came from, but then when I starting digging more into my Ancestry it made sense. Maternal relatives from Texas, Paternal relatives from Montana and Pennsylvania. Lots of country 😁
I grew up around a lot of relatives. One of my favorite memories however is as a young adult, going to the ranch with extended family, a Man I consider integral part of my childhood. Jesse kept his horses on a ranch in Half Moon Bay. I loved taking my niece down there when she was a child, and we’d ride horses. Jesse always made sure we were safe and well cared for.

I loved walking around in the mud with my boots, watching how everyone cared for the horses; I loved helping out, and I mostly loved going to the BBQ ‘s. I especially loved seeing this Bold Black Man in a sea of White faces, minding his own business, tending to his horses with a smile and good conversation. 

I saw it was hard work, I even experienced it at times when I helped out. The work didn’t feel hard however, it felt natural. 

Now in my late 40’s I find so much value spending time “working” the land. I love tending to the garden where I live. I love taking the food scraps to the compost mound and tossing them in. I especially love when I sit outside, listen to the birds and my kitty girl runs to me, sits by my side and meows such a good conversation. 


In my life now I crave simplicity. I crave having my own home with enough land to have a full garden and some trees. I love growing, picking, and preparing my own food from scratch. I love entertaining at times, at others I love those moments where my son is quietly reading by my side. Time with my cats. Or the moments I have on my own, where I read or write, tea cup in hand, dreaming of my future.



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